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(An Autonomous Institute, Government Of Karnataka
Reg. No:SOR/BLU/DR/671/09-10 Dated 23-09-2009)


SDS TRC & RAJIV GANDHI INSTITUTE OF CHEST DISEASES is a 470 bedded teaching Government run Autonomous Institute consisting of two departments viz., Department of Pulmonary Medicine and Department of Thoracic Surgery.

This institution having 60 acres of land situated in the heart of the city of Bangalore catering to the needs of entire Karnataka.

This is a state referral centre for Pulmonary Medicine and Thoracic Surgery and all the Thoracic emergencies are managed in this institution.

Cases are referred for thoracic surgery not only from the entire Karnataka State but also from the neighbouring states. In the recent past patients are also referred for Thoracic Surgery from West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkand and Orrisa.

The lungs, with their combined surface area of greater than 500m2 , are directly open to the external environment. Thus structural, functional or microbiological changes within the lungs can be closely related to epidemiological, environmental, occupational, personal and social factors. Primary respiratory diseases are responsible for a major burden of morbidity and untimely deaths, and the lungs are often affected in multisystem diseases.

Urbanization, Industrialization and pollution from motor vehicles have resulted in significant increase in respiratory diseases. SDS TRC and Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases is the only super speciality institution in the state to provide comprehensive treatment for all chest diseases.

There is acute shortage of Chest Physicians and Thoracic Surgeons in our country. There is urgent need for starting these Post graduation and Super speciality courses. This can be fulfilled if the SDS TRC & RGICD is upgraded as National Chest Institute.

Majority of Respiratory diseases affect mainly children and young adults leading to morbidity and mortality causing great loss of man power leading to economic loss of the family, society and to the country.

So it is mandatory to have broad based research activities in the field of Respiratory illnesses, to find out the prevalence of the diseases, effective curative services, and early detection of lung disorders, preventive measures and rehabilitation of patients with respiratory diseases.