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(An Autonomous Institute, Government Of Karnataka
Reg. No:SOR/BLU/DR/671/09-10 Dated 23-09-2009)

About Us

SDS TRC AND RAJIV GANDHI INSTITUTE OF CHEST DISEASES is a 470 bedded teaching Government run Autonomous Super Speciality Institution exclusively devoted to the care of patients with various Chest / Pulmonary diseases and in need of thoracic surgery interventionand is situated in the heart of the city of Bangalore catering to the needs of entire Karnataka and its neighbouring states.

This institute has two Departments viz., Department of Pulmonary Medicine and Department of Thoracic Surgery, each having their own dedicated and well trained teaching and non-teaching staff.

At any given point of time more than 40% of general medical OPD consists of patients with respiratory ailments and with ongoing urbanization, industrialization and pollution from motor vehicular exhausts have further increased thenumber of patients suffering from respiratory diseases. Hence there is a need for exclusive respiratory care hospital like ours.

Exclusive thoracic surgery department is running in very few hospitals, Unlike cardiac surgery it has a higher incidence of morbidity and mortality and it is not practised even in many advanced cardiac centres as most of those cases are highly infective, chronic and requires prolonged hospital care and follow up, hence to take care of the above situation this institution is well equipped to manage all types of acute and chronic thoracic surgical emergencies with adequate trained and experienced staff, Modular Operation Theatre (which is available in only selected few government or private hospitals across the state), Surgical ICU and good post operative follow up care. In view of the above many cases are being referred from across the state and outside. This institute is also is equipped to handle any increase in the inflow of patients following awareness about the available facilities among the community.

Bangalore happens to be the health hub and there are very few institutions in the country to provide exclusive respiratory care facilities and thoracic surgical work. This institution has a potential to be one of the advanced Respiratory care institution of National repute and can attract patients from all over the country for comprehensive treatment of all chest related diseases, true so the process of upgrading this institute as Institute of national importance is under the scrutiny of Government of India.

For the comprehensive care of respiratory diseases Government of Karnataka has accorded autonomous status to this institute since 23-09-2009 and this is a state referral centre for Pulmonary Medicine and Thoracic Surgery cases not only for entire Karnataka but also from the neighbouring states.

Under the direction of Government of Karnataka RGICD has taken a leading role in the overall management & quarantine of epidemic/pandemic cases in the state – from SARS, through Avian flu, H1N1 and MERS-CoV, to the ongoing Ebola, yellow fever and Zika virus situations.

In addition to this, our institute is also running college of nursing which offers both B.Sc and M.Sc Nursing Courses with an annual intake of sixty and twenty five students respectively. We also offer training programme for students in B.Sc Respiratory Care Technology and OT Technician Courses under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore.

This institute is committed to the concept of best super speciality treatment at affordable cost to the poor and needy patients.

In the Department of Pulmonary Medicine in the last six months we have treated around 17000 to 18000 exclusive respiratory illness patients on outpatient basis and around 3800 to 4000 patients as inpatients which include drug sensitive / drug resistance tuberculosis and other respiratory illness like Asthma, COPD, ILD, Lung Cancers, Pneumonias Pleural diseases etc. Around 250 to 300 patients undergo minor surgical procedures with 20 to 25 patients undergoing major thoracic surgical procedures in the department of Thoracic surgery every month.

With the location of Intermediate Research Laboratory (IRL - RNTCP) in our premises and availability of advanced diagnostic facilities for tuberculosis in special situations like MDR and XDR TB has helped this centre to excel in both diagnostic and treatment aspects of drug resistant tuberculosis cases. This institute is an exclusive centre for management of MDR and XDR TB under Government of India RNTCP programme with free inpatient treatment speciality including their nutritional support. In the last one year we have diagnosed around 285 patients with MDR TB and initiated on treatment for 141 cases with a few patients on XDR treatment which is highest for any single institute in the state in terms of patient load.

Having established earlier as TB Sanatorium and popularly known among many senior Medical practitioners this centre still acts as a nodal centre for referral and for final opinion for diagnostic confirmation of tuberculosis. It also stands out as a leading referral centre for management of complications related to TB disease or treatment related complications which are reflected in our ADR reporting data.

With reference to diagnosis and management of all other respiratory diseases we have well advanced equipments like Video Assisted Fibre Optic Bronchoscopy, Rigid Brochoscopy, Thoracoscopy, VATS, Advanced Pulmonary Function Testing Lab with DLCO, FullyFledged sophisticated Sleep Lab. For training of young budding Pulmonologists we have separate simulator labs especially in endo-bronchial procedures. This requires wide publicity and awareness among medical fraternity to make use of the available services. We also have huge speciality clinics wing with dedicated staff and equipments for the diagnosis of respiratory illness like Asthma and allergy, COPD, Smoking cessation, lung cancer, Sleep related breathing disorders, occupational lung disease, Pulmonary rehabilitation etc.,This institute is identified as a referral centre for occupation related lung disease and is attached to various Government and Public sector units like Hutti Goldmines, Mysore minerals Ltd and many cases are under regular follow up. Hence all public sector and private sector organisations can make use of this facility.

This institute has one of the largest respiratory intensive care unit in the state with 26 beds with 100% bed occupancy on most of the days of the year. This unit is taking care of patients referred from other hospitals both Government and Private requiring invasive / non invasive ventilator support. On an average we take care of 50 to 70 critically ill patients requiring Ventilator care every month with more than 60% of positive outcome at a very nominal charge which is much less compare to any other Government or Private Institution. This accounts to huge numbers for any single centre managing critically ill respiratory ailments across the state. In the last six months 337 patients under went mechanical ventilation and about 255 patients recovered with a success rate of more than 75%. With further advancement and recruitment of appropriate staff this unit can be made use to start training medical officers in critical respiratory care management by offering fellowship programmes and certificate courses. IN the long run post graduate super speciality programme in DM critical care can be aimed at.

Under the directions of government of Karnataka this institute was identified as exclusive hospital for screening, diagnosis and treatment of H1N1 cases in 2009. By taking a leading role this institute rendered unparallel services in H1N1 management which was appreciated by one and all. Even today this institute continuous to be a tertiary care referral centre for all Government hospitals across the state for management of acute viral respiratory illnesses like H1N1. Close proximity of National Institute of Virology to this institute has further added convenience of quick diagnosis and Management,so for we have screened more than 18000 patients for H1N1 out of which 1300 have turned out to be positive and most of them have been successfully treated.

This institute acts as a clinical training institute under MOU with Bangalore Medical College & Research Institute, Bangalore for post graduate students in various specialities like General Medicine, ENT, Anaesthesia, General Surgery , Mch in CTVS and intern students from various Medical Colleges across the state attend for Respiratory medicine & Thoracic surgery training.

This institute has advanced Digital Radiology & Computer Radiography System, Manifold with supply of Central - Oxygen, Suction, Vacuum and Nitrous Oxide, 20 bedded Separate Chest Trauma Ward, 25 beddedSpecial and VVIP wards for effluent class people with enormous appreciation from the patients.Advanced Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory in collaboration with Vision Group of Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka is also functioning. Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre has been working in the campus under the Pharmacovigilance Programme of India.This institution has also established “PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND – RGICD collaborative centre for emergency preparedness and response”.