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(An Autonomous Institute, Government Of Karnataka
Reg. No:SOR/BLU/DR/671/09-10 Dated 23-09-2009)

Director's Message

It is my privilege and honour to head one of the leading chest institutions in Karnataka. Our institution is poised to drive transformation in health care. Our guiding principles are health equity, a milieu of continuous learning, new knowledge through research, innovation across the care continuum, leadership development and creation of a collaborative enterprise. Our PPP stands for patients, people and populations. We will strive for perfection in care by putting patients first and change the lives of people by harnessing human potential. The goal ultimately is to attain better health / wellness for populations at affordable cost, driven by quality and value. I have no hesitation in making this commitment on behalf of faculty, trainees, students and staff, working towards this common purpose.

Bangalore happens to be the health hub and there are very few institutions in the country exclusively dedicated for respiratory care and thoracic surgery. The Government of Karnataka has upgraded SDS TRC & RGICD as a super specialty chest institute catering to the needs of not only for poor patients but also for elite class by providing State of the Art facilities solely for chest diseases and Thoracic Surgery.

Medical Science is advancing at incredible speed which makes it necessary to refresh and update our knowledge in the changing world. Respiratory problems are the most common of all human ailments. Recent year have witnessed a great rise in the prevalence of various Pulmonary Diseases especially, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Brochogenic Carcinoma, Pneumonia and COPD, Occupational Lung Diseases and Interstitial Lung Diseases.

Since breath is life, lung health ought to be as high on the global public health agenda as other basic health issues, such as cardiac health or obesity, but it is not. As per the WHO, the burden of lung diseases is enormous killing more than 10 million people in a year.

The Lungs are the most common organs affected by environmental changes. Urbanization, Industrialization and pollution from motor vehicles have resulted in significant increase in respiratory diseases. The lungs, with their combined surface area of greater than 500m2, are directly open to the external environment. Thus structural, functional or microbiological changes within the lungs can be closely related to epidemiological, environmental, occupational, personal and social factors. Primary respiratory diseases are responsible for a major burden of morbidity and untimely deaths, and the lungs are often affected in multisystem diseases.

Prevention and early diagnosis is very important in non-communicable respiratory disorders because once the patient becomes symptomatic, nothing much can be done to revert back the structural changes which have taken place over a period of time. Hence Lung health programme is very important for reducing the morbidity and mortality due to chronic lung diseases.

Regular check-ups are an important part of disease prevention, even when you are feeling well. This is especially true for lung disease, which sometimes goes undetected until it is serious.

The master lung check-up is a program for early detection of lung diseases, many of which can be cured if diagnosed early. Our lung check up is specifically designed for employees who are apparently busy or engaged in their work and end up doing everything except getting a health check-up done.

SDS Tuberculosis Research Centre and Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases is more than an organization..... it is a family to serve, of which we are proud!


Professor & HOD,
Dept. of Pulmonary Medicine
Director, SDS TRC & RGICD, Bengaluru



    Very good treatment for lungs and Thorasic. Feels like above average private hospital. Neat and tidy.


    Very good treatment for lungs and Thorasic. Feels like above average private hospital. Neat and tidy.

  • " I AM VERY GLAD".

    Very good treatment for lungs and Thorasic. Feels like above average private hospital. Neat and tidy.